Message Part III - Our Cultural Crisis

Part III - Our Cultural Crisis


Indian people view themselves as the children of Mother Earth, the entrusted caretakers and guardians of life, who temporarily occupy earth bodies. The meaning behind life's mysteries is the natural evolution of human beings. The people use, not abuse or waste, the natural resources, taking care not to disturb the path of life that future generations will walk.

The political structure of Indian Nations is equalitarian and democratic; all people, young and old, men and women, have an equal voice and share in all decision-making. All have the right to equal participation in community activities in order to assure peaceful co-existence. The authority system descends from elders to youth, and even the cries of babies are immediately responded to.

The economic system of Indian Nations was originally communally based. Indians shunned the concept of land ownership and had no need for money, for all human beings had a secure right to the basic necessities of life; all natural resources were free and available to all. No one had to earn the right to live, yet all members had to labor together to build adequate shelter and to gather food supplies for the entire community by hunting, fishing, or farming. The work, shelter and food were equitably distributed. There was no class system of rich and poor. If one family worked industriously to gather a surplus, it was for a ceremonial give-away; the wealth was placed in their banks, The People! And the interest was good will!!

The social life of the Indian people was peaceful and happy because there was no oppression of people or exploitation of resources. The laughter of playful children was a sign of a healthy community. People had leisure time for recreation; socializing with friends, children and elders, creative arts, ceremonies, and solitude. Technology was limited to the artifacts and tools that were of use and benefit to humanity.

The peacemakers of the Indian communes used several effective methods for correcting deviant behavior that caused disturbance or disunity within the Nation. Malicious gossips, shirkers, and demagogues were first quietly counseled, then subjected to public ridicule, then given the silent treatment (they became invisible ones who did not receive a food share and had to fight with the dogs for scraps). They were exiles or condemned to death only in very rare cases, in order to save the community.

The natural, peaceful, and non-exploitative culture of the Indian people guaranteed them a long life free of diseases and mental disorders. There was no need for hospitals, insane asylums, prisons, poorhouses, or policemen. They willingly obeyed the natural laws that governed their bodies and outer environment, realizing that human beings have a brief time to live, to discover the secrets and meaning of their existence, to pursue the natural evolutionary path.


When the Indian people discovered the first frightened and pathetic European outcasts upon their shores, they had trouble communicating with them. Finally, they proved that they meant the immigrants no harm. Indians compassionately fed, sheltered and befriended them, sympathizing in horror at their tales of oppressive tyrants who had cast them out of their homeland. Indians taught them about democracy and the natural way of life. The colonists were slow learners but they finally got the drift and learned to be free.

The Indian people took the colonists under their protective wings, encouraged and helped them fight for their freedom. The first treaties were signed under the sacred bonds and oaths of the Indian Nations and they offered aid to the oppressed colonists. Treaties of peace and friendship!

So America was born. But America grew rich and forgot its promises of eternal friendship, peaceful co-existence, egalitariansim, truth and honor. The population grew rapidly, when word spread that the Indians were peaceful and vast riches were free for the taking, America used the wealth stolen from Indian land and bought weapons from France to turn against their allies, the Indian Nations.


The forced treaties legalized America's thefts. If Indian leaders refused to sign, genocide and germ warfare were used to wipe out whole peaceful villages. If humanitarians protested, racist propaganda campaigns were devised; the media published lies about Indian atrocities against peaceful white settlers, about hostile savages committing depredations against private property; sick tales of perverted devil worshipping and lewd rites. These lies were intended to enrage the populace against Indians, so they would demand our complete extermination. A good Indian is a dead Indian.

With guns and armies, America ruthlessly marched westward, greedily evicting Indians from their homelands and forcing them to sign treaties placing themselves in protective custody in concentration camps. The once sovereign Indian Nations were now prisoners held in political bondage.

The terror was undertaken on behalf of those greedy few who are now the ruling class families of America. The forked-tongue politicians, gophers of the predators, served their masters well and the Indian Nations were shattered and demoralized. Death was a constant companion. The hungry babies cried and died; children, women and men sat dumb, unable to feel anything; thousands were slaughtered, victims of America's lust for wealth.

Indian Nations still have not recovered. Old scars have not healed and new wounds are being inflicted. Congressional leaders Meeds, Cunningham, and Magnuson promote racist bills and propaganda to support Washington State's War against Indian Nations. Lloyd Meeds will resign from Congress to seek a position as a federal judge. Indian people are still manipulated, maligned, mistreated, cheated, and insulted.

Judge Boldt seems to stand alone, determined to protect the letter of the U.S. Constitution, and treaty commitments. He tries to correct the injustices, but how staunch will he be under the relentless pressure? And how staunchly can we sustain our own courage and convictions against the even worse pressure confronting us?


International law required the U.S. to have legal proof of ownership of lands purchased from the indigenous inhabitants So Indians leaders were forced to sign treaties with howitzers pointed at their people.

International law and the U.S. Constitution required that just compensation had to be awarded. The U.S. was obliged to provide services in payment for the land: economic aid, technical assistance, education and training programs, health care, food rations, homes, tools, blankets, cloth, etc., which would be supplied regularly, or annually, in perpetuity for as long as America occupied and used Indian homelands.

Each generation of Americans is liable for these treaty-contracted debts, which can only be legally terminated with the consent of Indian Nations, or by America's evacuation from the lands.

But deceptive politicians still deceive the average American citizen. They do not tell them that the aid given Indian Nations and people is a treaty-contracted debt, legally owed to Indians. The aid is not a hand-out, but the politicians and their predator bosses bombard the people with anti-Indian racist propaganda.

The U.S. is obliged to furnish education to us. But Indian people go to school, training programs, and workshops to gain knowledge that will be of use and benefit to them and their people. We do not go to school in order to become bureaucratized. dehumanized, mechanized, or assimilated.

Indians send their physically and mentally ill to the hospital or to physicians to be healed, not used for experiments, secretly sterilized, hypnotized, or brainwashed.

Still, many Indian people desperately in need of aid grasp at the extended hand which dangles the golden carrot and are gradually pulled into the polluted American mainstream. Many are unaware of the dangerous undertow they are being sucked into.


The products of humanity should be for the use, benefit and uplifting of life, not for enslavement and exploitation. But technology has been taken over by the predator ruling class that produces only for profit. They must continually expand, exploit, and exhaust, ever seeking cheap labor and raw materials, and profitable markets. Behavior modification techniques and the media are used to subliminally brainwash the innocent public to buy and consume commodities that are cheaply made, expensive, and often dangerous to health. Madison Avenue gimmicks totally change our natural desires and stifle our natural evolutionary process.

The advertising sorcerers, hired by the predator profiteers, bewitch the public into a frenzy of buying and consuming, all on the easy credit plan, tons of non-nutritious junk foods and other technological products, all guaranteed to miraculously transform life.

The wise elders say that you are what you desire, what you desire is what you think about, your thoughts stimulate your will to act, and a person is the result of their behavior,

The natural desires of the public have been radically changed; they no longer desire freedom, equality, natural evolution, the inherited rights of humanity; they desire materialistic things, are contaminated by the "greedy bug" they are the programmed consumers, and exploited workers of the predator ruling class.

The behaviorists, psychologists and biologists also serving the power structure, study animals to find more effective ways of programming and controlling human behavior. The captured animals are caged, starved, and constantly watched; nothing is hidden from the eyes of their captors, not eating habits, sex and social life, etc.

To control the behavior of the animal, it must learn the maze system to receive any food. A cage door opens to a bewildering maze, the smell of food sets the starving animal to running frantically up and down the maze in search of the food. It finally locates the food, only to find its access blocked by a wall. It jumps, claws the wall, and accidentally pushes the red button with its tail while standing on its head and the food magically appears.

After many accidental successes, the animal finally learns to stand on its head and push the red button with its tail, and begins to feel confident of survival. Then they change the system. The harried animal must continually adapt or die, and many do, by starvation or mental or physical breakdowns that lead to suicide.

Most of the world's wealth, resources, technology and production - all the necessities to sustain life - is owned and controlled by a few. The rest of humanity must labor for them for their daily bread, and like mice, learn the maze system or die.

The control is absolute. If workers strike for decent wages, or less hazardous working conditions, the predator ruling class raises the cost of living and moves production to other lands to super-exploit other peoples.

Technology is now used for profit; machines replace human muscles and minds, eliminating millions of jobs. The operators of machines become dehumanized, components of the machines, i.e., typists, equipment operators, computer operators, etc.

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Not only the industrialists and bosses, but the government itself uses its bureaucracies to further exploit the workers. Underpaid public workers must take orders from upper-echelon bureaucrats, not from the taxpayers who foot the bill.

H.E.W., Labor and Social Security Departments are giant bureaucracies ripping off the taxpayers. Over three-fourths of all tax dollars are used administratively or to determine eligibility, leaving very little, sometimes none, for grudging distribution to the needy, sick and handicapped.

The majority of tax dollars subsidize the rich, the profiteers, who must continually expand. They are not requires to pay any taxes, but they demand and get the lion's share of tax dollars with no strings attached and no bureaucratic red tape.

Human beings are not machines; they need air, water, food, shelter, clothing, transportation, recreation, companionship and solitude They are nor like the bionic man, the predator's concept of a superman who needs no air or food, who obeys unquestioningly the commands of his master, who never tires, works night and day for nothing, and never complains about hazardous working conditions.

Human beings are forced into a dog-eat-dog competitive system by the ruling class, where they futilely try to climb the nonexistent ladder of success. The stress of this unnatural way of life results in deterioration, e.g. physical and mental breakdowns for which there are no cures. Physicians tranquilize or operate; psychiatrists hypnotize or behavior modify in an attempt to re-adjust the natural into the unnatural; church leaders dish out platitudes, give pep talks, ask for donations, and push the flock back into the economic jungle.

The pressures of trying to "make it", of struggling to avoid the octopus clutches of the predator's bill collectors, have resulted in the epidemic stress diseases that plague most Americans; the break up of families is widespread, and children are mistreated and neglected by quarreling parents. Some totally withdraw and become safe in mental institutions. Others turn into mini-predators and steal the hard-earned fruits of the working class, unlike Robin Hood, who stole from the rich to give to the poor. Some completely freak out and become alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers or rapists. Women and children are the usual victims.

Human beings, like the mouse in the maze, must continually adapt to the changing demands of the predator ruling class or die. Many are dying of heart disease, diabetes, cancers, and suicide. And many more are doomed.

Only the very foolish or insane violate the natural laws that govern all life, for they court disaster. One does not have to be a prophet or scientist to see the catastrophe wrought by the master class. Time is not an unending linear line into the future, it is circular for all life. The future is a result of the past, which depends upon the present; "As you sow, so shall you reap".

Soon, America's circular path will come together, and instead of being an evolutionary spiral uplifting humanity, the path of life will lie desolate and destroyed; like Humpty Dumpty who took a great fall, all the king's scientists and technologists will not be able to put it together again.


The wasteful, voracious abuse of the land and its limited resources in the interest of profits is leading all life into an empty void, where no life can exist, where no escape exits.

All life depends upon the natural world for its existence, especially life in the artificially created worlds, the cities, headquarters of the predator ruling class and living quarters for the exploited workers, who consume enormous quantities of the earth's limited resources, thus hastening the pace of the war against the environment!

Giant chain food and farm monopolies - agribusiness - use pesticides and chemical fertilizers that destroy the natural micro-organisms. They feed hormones and other drugs to animals and poultry to promote unnaturally rapid growth. Timber barons and building developers cut down the forests and destroy plant life, which cause soil erosion, depletion of oxygen supplies, and large scale destruction of bird and animal life.

Industrial and human wastes pollute water, killing the fish, and contaminating drinking water with cancer-producing carcinogens.

And all the energy resources - oil, gas, coal, water - are rapidly depleting. America, once the land of the free, home of the brave, with beautiful land and vast natural wealth enough to sustain a sane society for millions of years, is now filled with millions of hypnotized serf and their few rulers, who have denuded in a few short years what it took nature millions of years to produce. The only remaining resources in America are on the reserved land base of the Indian nations.


The predator ruling class believes in elimination with discrimination! They pit the right against the left and the left against the right and both to squeeze the middle. They set the white to fight the black, and both against the red. They pit the men against the women, and the children against both. Christians hate the Jews and other religions fight each other. The purpose of the ruling class is to Divide, Conquer and Rule ALL HUMANITY!

Consider the following:

In the 60's many educated white students got hip (hippies), woke up, began to resist and protest, and sought alternate , non-exploitative, cooperative lifestyles. In a flash, white communities and schools were flooded with marijuana, hard narcotics, and mind-blowing hallucinogens. The undeclared illegal war in Vietnam was escalated, and many thousands of bright young Americans were drafted and sent to Nam to kill and be killed, to wound and be wounded, to destroy and be destroyed.

The Kennedy brothers, Martin Luther King and Malcolm X were cold-bloodedly assassinated! Thousands of Indian women were sterilized without their knowledge and consent by the U.S. Indian Public Health.

The Army Corps of Engineers was found to be secretly conducting germ warfare experiments on the American public, spreading highly infectious deadly virus germs in America's subways and office buildings.

At an American Legion Convention, hundreds of legionnaires sickened and many died of a mysterious disease. Another U.S. experiment?

Weather control, experiments cause a freak rain storm in South Dakota; thousands are flooded and many die in Rapid City; many are Sioux.

Floods, droughts, earthquakes, killer winds, forest fires - are they the result of more experiments or a backlash from Mother Nature?

American cities rapidly deteriorate. Millions are unemployed; thousands are not eligible to receive welfare aid because of bureaucratic red-tape; many destitute people were forced into a life of crime; jails and mental institutes are overcrowded; helpless children are tortured and murdered by psychotic parents.

Thousands of Amazonian Indians are massacred by giant U.S. corporations who are destroying the Amazon Jungle at the rate of ten miles per day, criss-crossing the jungle with roads to get at the oil, bauxite, and other resources. Scientists warn that the Amazon Jungle provides one-fifth of the world's oxygen supply and its destruction will be disastrous to the world's oxygen breathing beings.

History teaches that when conditions reached the same critical stage in England, millions of enslaved, displaced, dispossessed serfs were killed off or shipped out.

In Germany reached economic crisis, the Nazis ruthlessly exterminated millions of Europeans: Jews, Gypsies, political radicals and liberals, and others of all religions.

What next? Humanity had better wake up and make a stand for social and economic and cultural change while they still have a chance. The choice is theirs!


The sixth article of the Omaha Treaty was secretly incorporated into almost all the treaties west of the Mississippi. This is a self-termination clause. When Indian Nations or people ABANDON their traditional and distinct ways of life and adopt the ways and behavior of civilized society, the treaties will become null and void!

Abandonment is not moving out of the teepees and longhouses and reservations into houses, apartments, and cities; or wearing store-bought clothes instead of buckskins; or traveling by cars rather than canoes or horses. It is not buying meat from your paychecks as a union worker rather than by hunting buffalo. These are merely outer changes, forced upon Indians. Abandonment means a radical change in the Indian's psychology and behavior.

When Indian Nations change their democratic, egalitarian governments into dictatorial bureaucracies; when Indians exchange their communal economic system for competitive, dog-eat-dog, private enterprise; when Indians adopt a class structure, where the rich get richer and poor get poorer; when Indian leaders become predator profiteers committing depredations against their own people; when Indian people no longer care enough to share with one another; where Indian people become abusers and exploiters of the Mother Earth and abandon their caretakers and guardian duties; when Indian people become violators of the natural world governing laws - then Indians have deserted their natural culture! Being Indian is more than skin color or legal racial definition: It is a total philosophy and way of life.

We have a choice; we are free people with a mind of our own, capable of making decisions. If some of our Indian leaders and people want to abandon their traditional, distinct way of life and assimilate into the American mainstream, they are free to do so, and no one has the right to stop them. But we have reached the point of no return; once the choice has been made, it is irrevocable!

Indian Nation leaders or people who erred or were unknowingly deceptively dragged into the mainstream without their consent or knowledge, have a chance to get out of it, to correct, redeem, and save themselves. Time is short; if they don't want to follow America's polluted mainstream to destruction and death, they better get out now, while the getting's good!

Those Americans who wish to save themselves better wake up. America's first hope and last chance are with the Indian Nations and the treaties of peace, friendship and protection. The inspiration that gave birth to America came from the Indian Nations who fed, nourished and protected America from its oppressors until it became strong enough to stand on its own. These treaties are still America's protection. If America destroys these treaties, it will no longer be under the protective wings of the Indian Nations and there are no weapons powerful enough to protect and save the U.S. from total destruction!

Soon our trails will divide: we have come to a fork in the road. A separation of humanity will take place. One trail will be for those who follow the man-made paved road, who blindly march to 'progress', competitively striving to climb the ladder of success to their predator-ruler's castle in the sky!

The other path, a smaller one, is for those who have struggled to remain free and sovereign Nations and human beings, the caretakers and guardians of life who are equalitarian, democratic, communal, and non-exploitative. That trail will spiral upwards on the natural evolutionary path of life, into a higher level of existence.

Which path will you be on? The choice is yours!

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