Message Part II - Our Leadership Crisis

Part II - Our Leadership Crisis

Traditionally, Indian leaders are the servants of their people. Within daily social life, they are outwardly indistinguishable from the rest of the people. Ceremonially, they stand out, arrayed in the beautiful gifts made for them by their grateful people.

The behavior of Indian leaders must be above reproach, for they are selected for their virtues, not their weaknesses. They must be brave, alert and intelligent, kind and compassionate to all people, especially to children and Elders, industrious, and generous. They must have integrity and commitment, and be the peacemakers, providers and defenders of their people.

Indian leaders walk ahead of their people to be the first to confront dangers that may lie unseen upon the path of life. They must always lead the people by the examples of their daily lives! They must always be available to listen to the voices of their people, for all decisions must come from the people!

The Indian people love and respect this type of leader who eventually becomes a legend, forever immortalized in the hearts and memories of the grateful people they served. These are the examples held up to your youth-dedicated leaders who unselfishly sacrifice their own personal welfare for the benefit of their people, some to the supreme sacrifice of their own lives.


Some Indian leaders sent to D.C. to seek economic aid and assistance are tempted and seduced by the golden carrots and golden opportunities that our enemies enticingly dangle before them. Instead of aid, these mis-leaders bring home the poisonous vapors of their betrayal and corruption! They become puppets of our enemies, more effective weapons against out people than atom bombs!

Most Indian leaders who resist the temptations are ignored. All doors are shut to them! Even the enemy-owned news media ignores them, unless they throw a rock through a window, then they are vilified and crucified. But few true leaders are deliberately reckless or destructive, and our real Indian leaders are often persecuted, slandered , framed, imprisoned, or even assassinated by our predator enemies.

The news media plays up the most destructive type of Indian who ends up betraying the Indians' cause, narcissistic types who need the limelight, or the power-hungry who have the 'greed' disease. The media effectively brainwashes despairing Indians into believing that these con-artists are the true champions and fighters for the cause. But if these corrupted leaders worm their way into positions of power within their Nations, they soon show their true intent-which is not to serve their people!


Economic aid and technical assistance funds to Indian Nations have strings attached directly to out predator enemies, who closely monitor them. If these fraudulent aid programs do not effectively assimilate Indians into the polluted mainstream, the aid is cut off.

The strings are also attached to the puppet, sell-out Indian leaders. Indian bureaucratic dictators meet behind closed doors and make secret decisions that affect Indians who have no choice in decision-making, who are denied equal participation, and who receive commands in the form of office memos.

The Indian people are not informed of the possible dangers inherent in the aid and technical assistance programs. They are merely used as statistics for new programs, consulted only to rubber-stamp the unilateral actions of the bureaucrats, who refuse to be accountable to the people for the expenditures or use of trial funds, donations, or program funds. The new bureaucrats are accountable only to our enemies, not to our friends, or to the people.


Indians that usurp leadership outwardly appear Indian. They dress up in buckskin and beads, strut around like peacocks, grow long hair, attend a monthly pow-wow and a yearly ceremony, speak like experts about Indian ways, boast and brag about their pretended virtues and achievements. They claim to be the defenders of Indian rights but when dangers threaten, they often hide safely in the back ranks. These rip-off con-artists protest and co-opt or stage demonstrations where they shout about oppressions. They ask for money and aid to help their people, but they are merely lining their own pockets with gold and feathering their nests with furs!

Like all demagogues, they shout, curse, bully and hate everyone, especially their own people who they pretend to champion. They eventually turn off even the staunchest supporters of the Indian cause, and foster the disunity and demoralization of their own people. The Police, of course, turn their backs on acts of terrorism of these false Indian leaders and their bully boys against their own people!


A few opportunistic Indians have become profiteers in their own right, setting up capitalist enterprises on the reserved land base of Indian Nations - an abuse of our tax-exempt, treaty-protected status. They sell life-destroying products - cigarettes, liquor, gambling. Some secretly push hard narcotics and mind-blowing hallucinogens. All these depredations are prohibited by treaty, yet F.B.I. and police turn their backs, ignoring the protests of outrages Indians.

This new ruling class was poor a few years ago. They lived in shacks with no running water, drove second-hand cars, shopped at Goodwill, ate welfare commodities, wore handmade Indian jewelry, and worked at menial jobs, like the rest of the Indians. Now they live in expensively furnished mansions, drive status-symbol cars, shop at the most expensive stores, wear diamonds and gold, and have many gophers to do the work of their mini-empires.

They openly flaunt their newly acquired wealth amidst the poverty of their people, boasting, "We made it, so can you!". What they don't tell their people is that "IT" came from ripping off!

Their bad example is like a disease infecting Indians; others run to grab whatever they can, saying, "Everyone else is doing it, why not me?"

False leaders are not only betraying the Indian Nations, but our friends and supporters too - the sympathetic, alternative political and religious movements that are fighting the same oppressor. Mostly working class people, who labor hard to raise money for their own movements, they have generously shared time, energy and money to support Indians - not because they have to, for guilt reasons, but because they believe in our just cause. They are not blind or stupid; they see what's happening and they don't intend to stand still and be exploited. They don't mind supporting the Indians' cause but they will not support the expensive lifestyles and tastes, and the duplicity, that rip-off leaders are accustomed to. But without the aid and support of friends, Indians stand alone!


Leaders who betray their people are nothing new; it happens all the time. When the terroristic Roman Empire expanded into European tribal territory, the first thing they did was kill off the true tribal leaders and set up puppets willing to sell out their people for golden carrots and opportunities. The once-free European tribes were reduced to thralldom.

When Rome's cycle finally ended, the Romans died in their own corruption and decay. But the puppet leadership was by now firmly established and followed in the footsteps of the Romans. They became the Kings, Czars, and Emperors and the people were slaves and serfs. When the rulers no longer had any use for the serfs and the unemployed, they sent them to America as indentured slaves and bondspeople for the merchants and landowners who became the ruling class of America. These oppressed people learned from the Indians about democracy and equality, and eventually rebelled against the European tyrants and struck the blow for independence.

But the predator ruling class used their financial power to seduce and corrupt the newly-elected officials, to use them as the instruments for crushing the people. Names may change but life situations are the same; the slaves of Rome and the serfs of Europe are today the workers, and the predator ruling class extracts its wealth from their labor.

But labor leaders were bought off. And when the Black movement reached a unified and threatening position, the white ruling class poured millions of tax dollars into Black communities in the form of anti-poverty programs. The golden carrots were used to seduce the Black leaders; those who resisted were slandered or cold-bloodedly jailed or assassinated. The programs were deliberately set up to encourage rip-offs.

Then the sly racists sprung the trap, exposing the rip-off leaders and self-righteously screaming about Black community corruption. They rapidly shut off the spigot - no more funds.

Today, the once powerful Black liberation movement is inactive, there are few effective Black leaders, white racist politicians scorn them, and the conditions of Blacks are worse than ever. The sell-out leaders are still doing well, safe within the predator system.

"birds of a feather flock together." Look at the corrupt Vietnamese leaders; where are they today? Safe in America, singing sad songs and making it, while the betrayed American G.I.s who did the dirty work for the ruling class are physically and mentally shattered, unable to find employment.

America has betrayed the faith and hope of the world's oppressed people. The so-called American dream is today a living nightmare for millions of exploited people here and abroad.


Dictatorial Indian bureaucrats, no longer acting in our best interests, no longer accountable to their own people, and profiteering against their own people, have ABANDONED the Indian way and adopted the ways of our enemies. They have evidently lost faith and belief in our cause; they are now American mainstreamers, leading other Indian Nations into polluted, stagnant waters by controlling our decision-making powers and by setting a terrible example in their own daily lives.

But Indian people do not need to despair or apologize for the opportunism of some. All leaders always face great stress and temptations. It is a miracle that more of our leaders have not sold out! We are fortunate, for we still have Indian leaders with integrity and vision who are committed to our cause. Let us seek them out!

We need to bring our leadership problems out into the open. Everyone is aware of it anyway, If we do not, our friends and supporters will think all Indians condone the base actions of a few, that all Indians are now corrupted. We must publicly expose, denounce and reject these sell-out leaders before it is too late!

They are puppets, imitators and secret weapons of our enemies who intend to expose them anyway, to use their corruption against us! We must let our enemies know we are wise to their bag of tricks, and this will take some wind out of their sails!


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