Message Part I - The Threat to Our Sovereignty

Part I - The Threat to Our Sovereignty

DEBTS, SUPREMACY, OATH. All debts contracted and engagements 
entered into, before the adaptation of this Constitution, shall 
be valid against the U.S. under the Constitution as under the

This Constitution, and the laws of the U.S. which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the U.S. shall be the supreme law of the land, anything in the Constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.
Article VI, U.S. Constitution

The confederation - thirteen colonies - was numerically weak and disorganized. They needed powerful allies before they could begin the struggle to break way from their tyrant masters, so the colonists sought the aid and consent of the then powerful Iroquois Confederacy in order to set up separate self-government upon Iroquois Homeland.

The colonists and the Iroquois Confederation entered into a treaty and pact called "THE TWO ROAD WAMPUM TREATY", a treaty of Peace, Friendship and Protection. The colonists gave their sacred oath never to molest or disturb the peace of the Iroquois Nations, not make war or commit depredations against any peaceful Indian Nations. Each would walk their own road, and neither would govern, tax or legislate for the other. The internal sovereignty of all Indian Nations would be forever secured and respected.

America would not exist today as a nation but would still be in political bondage to Europe had it not been for the aid, consent, and protection of the Indian Nations.

The U.S. Constitution borrowed its essence, its major concepts of democracy, from the "Great Law of Peace" of the Iroquois Confederation. America could have been the seventh nation of the Iroquois Confederation. Had it been, we would not have the problems we face today.

America's debt to its staunch Iroquois allies was repaid with treachery and violence. The blows struck against Indian Nations by forked-tongue Americans were to shatter the Indian Nations and the treachery continues to this day.


The people who have historically exploited and exhausted Indian land and resources have become dynasties, an elite aristocracy of the rich and powerful. Others follow their example: cattle and timber barons and ranchers, who now lease Indian lands; energy producers like oil, uranium, and strip coal mine interests; the white commercial and sports fishing industry which has grown rich from the unlimited taking of salmon; and many others.

They are the predators of Mother Earth and the exploiters of humanity, a robber ruling class who invest the huge profits made from raping our resources into their giant free enterprise system that now exploits other Third World peoples and lands.

America's aristocracy is sick with the contagious disease of greed, caused by a materialistic germ. The symptoms are a feverish desire for money, symbols of wealth, control over people's lives' ownership of land, and the accumulation of capital. They are never satisfied, always rushing, pushing and grabbing for more, more, more! They are predators and anyone who has anything they want is their prey!

America's ruling class has unlimited money to control or win the entire media and most elected politicians, and those who oppose them are often assassinated. The ruling elite has the services of the C.I.A. and F.B.I. at their beck and call, and right-wing groups like the John Birchers to do their dirty work.

Congressmen who act as gophers (go-fors) for this ruling class have introduced bills in its behalf that will result in the cultural genocide of Indian Nations. These bills will throw open Indian lands to TAXATION which Indians will be unable to pay.

The unprotected Indian Nations will be rapidly stripped of their remaining possessions and reduced to the status of homeless beggars upon their own lands.

The forked-tongue Congressmen self-righteously state that they are acting on behalf of irate American citizens outraged by the Indians' unreasonable demands. Actually, this backlash was deliberately created by the ruling class and its media.


Contrary to popular belief, however, the U.S. does not have the right to unilaterally take away the sovereign rights of Indian Nations. Since when can one nation act for both sides in a treaty made between two separate nations? Whoever heard of the rules of a football game being changed during play? Only nations may conclude treaties, and only nations may change them. These rules have NOT changed.

Indians send their leaders to Washington D.C. as emissaries of their nations to seek economic aid and technical assistance as quaranteed by treaty agreements, just as any other sovereign nation in the world with treaty agreements with the U.S. Indian leaders are not just any needy U.S. citizen seeking a handout!

U.S. aid to Indian Nations was deceptively designed to lure Indian leaders into acceptance, with the assistance packets being seen as the long overdue fulfillment of America's unpaid treaty debts and commitments!

But the real intent of the aid programs, as expressed clearly by Sen. Magnuson, was to force assimilation of Indians into the American mainstream. This fraud is now blatantly exposed as Congress complains that its massive aid has failed to curb Indian militancy - and therefore the treaties must be broken!

The true nature of aid to economically depressed Indian Nations is a fraudulent entrapment device to accomplish the following:

  1. to impose federal and state taxation upon the land and resources of Indian Nations.
  2. to extinguish all treaty-protected aboriginal fishing and hunting rights.
  3. to end treaty-imposed contractual indebtedness, long-standing commitments.
  4. to throw open Indian land and resources to the waiting predators for rapid exploitation.
  5. forced assimilation of Native Americans into the dominant culture.

Other nations, friendly and hostile, receive enormous amounts of U.S. aid. Does their acceptance automatically assimilate their citizens into the American mainstream and terminate their sovereignty?

The covert and deadly dealings of American politicians with small, defenseless nations has caused the global decline of American prestige and trust. Indian Nations, victims of America's two-faced attacks, can understand why the Arabs, Cuba, African countries and other Third World nations neither trust nor like America!

The U.S. long ago deviated from the principles of democracy, equality and fair play. It merely pays lip service to these words or uses them as propaganda devices. America is like the Roman Empire, which advocated that might makes right, and used terrorism, deadly force and psychological warfare to enforce and prove it!

America has betrayed the hopes of the world's oppressed people who came here seeking relief from tyranny and starvation. Many politicians even war against their own needy constituents - students, handicapped, disabled workers, elderly, unemployed, veterans, women, homeless and the working poor!

Indian Nations will not stand still and be willingly annihilates. We will resist! The U.S will have to resort to brute force to enforce any so-called assimilation acts. If the U.S. had not always acted with such treacherous savagery against Indian Nations, the situation might be different and Indians might have willingly assimilated. But America continues to act in bad faith as treaty-breaking lairs, and Indian Nations must take stern measures to protect themselves.

We must expose America's hypocrites. We must seek the aid and protection of other nations to prevent out annihilation. We are still sovereign Nations with the rights to enter into treaty agreements with other nations.

We must inform our many friends and supporters in this land and around the world of our emergency situation and request their aid. They will not let us down.

We have faced similar or worse situations in the past which almost destroyed us, but at the last moment, when all seemed lost, we received the strength, determination and assistance to help us survive. We can rally, and make our stand for our life and land, and continue on for our own sake and for the sake of the coming generations.

[Warrior on horse]

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