North American Indian Lodge Sapa Dawn 1997 - Youth & Elders Gathering

The van is loaded and on the way
Elder & Youth Gathering
Wassuma Roundhouse, CA

May 22-26, 1997

Preparations for this trip began on May 6th , with registration for students who were attending Chief Leschi School. The whole idea behind the summer trips was to promote incentive through education. Only those youth who were excelling in academics, behavior and attendance were selected at the school and the Sapa Dawn Center. We continually met with the participants on a weekly and sometimes daily basis to ensure they were going to take this traveling experience. To many of them it seemed unrealistic for them to go due to the fact that a lot of them have never even stepped out of Washington State or the County for that much.

We had a lot of youth stay over night at our house, for we planned to leave early the next morning. We ate dinner together and talked about what was expected when we arrived the Elders gathering. Our plans were to load both vans and a car and be on the road early morning. Unfortunately we got underway by the early evening and drove until morning, rested then reached our destination that afternoon. We met up with Binah, Robby, Rene and Dakota and all camped together. The place was beautiful, surrounded by trees and country. The youth participated in the 4 day of meetings, sunrise ceremonies and feasting together with other youth and Elders from all over the country. Upon leaving we took the kids on the scenic route home through Oakland and San Francisco towards 101. To see the expression on their faces was exhilarating. Trying to cross the Golden Gate Bridge during the memorial week-end was a riot or even trying to find a parking spot in downtown Chinatown. We traveled on through the Redwoods and by the ocean. But through all this the youth were able to get a bit of education through traveling experiences, meet new friends and witness different cultures.

In front of the van - Elders & Youth gathering - Fresno, CA 1997     Youths in front of log pole teepee

Charlotte Wilson age: (16)
Stephanie Aguiliar (10)
Anita Chebatawah (15)
Richard Paz (11)
Kapilani Laronel (17)
Crystal Johns (11)
Shingee Dunstan (18)
Raymond Sanchez (10)
Otillie Trujillo (15)
Bahno Simmons (10)
Brandon Wilson (15)
Wauhilla Simmons (12)
Celeste Adams (16)
Willie Simmons (8)
Linda Squally (17)
Wauleah Simmons (7)
Jessica Houseman (15)
Dakota Romero (11)
Greg Sutterlict (21)
baby Ollianna (2 mos.)
Robert Daniels (22)
Jodan Shippentower (18)
Guy Francis (17)
Balente Pubigee (16)
Tara McCloud (15)
Alicia Erlich (14)
William McCloud (13)
Maria Mayorga (12)

Barbara McCloud
Bill Simmons
Amelia Johns
Binah McCloud
Robby Romero

Anita Chebatah
Cricket Chebatah
Eugene Thomas
Brandon Wilson
Charlotte Wilson
George Sanchez
Olianna Wilson
Celeste Adams
Tom Erlich
Juan Mesteth
Mina McCloud
Crystal John
Alicia Erlich
Stephanie Aguilar
Tara McCloud
Wauhilla Simmons
Bahno Simmons
Willie Simmons
Wauleah Simmons
Robert Daniels

Amelia John
Barbara McCloud
Jimbo Simmons

Thanks goes to all those who supported us: Jodi Brooks for accepting all the collect calls from the kids, Elsie Thomas for bringing us a van in California!
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