A warrior is one who defends his family, home, and land against any real threat to his safety or possessions. They are not to be likened to the mod- ern armies of nations (especially the U.S.A. whose leaders fabricate threats as an excuse for aggressive actions. (Their real motives are to seize our homelands, possessions and to enslave the people under political bondage.) A warrior can be a man, or a woman, an elder or a youth. Strategies may differ - one warrior may feel desperate enough to take up arms, another may arm himself/herself with truth and an eagle feather - one might become a doctor or a nurse and fight disease and another a lawyer fighting legal injustices; one might become a teacher combating ignorance or a brother in prison trying to pry open the iron doors. A warrior might be a med- icine man fighting against the death pattern that plagues our people and striv- ing to revive the life-instincts. A warrior wears many different garments and has many faces - and many of those faces are those of Native Women.

Native women have historically fought the struggle side by side with their men. The Creek and Seminole Women Warriors were forced by the U.S. atrocities which attempted to wipe-out every Native person in their greed to secure our homelands to euthanasia. The Native women mercifully put their children to rest in the arms of Mother Earth to prevent their capture by the U.S. Calvary who would rape and torture them. And then they joined the ranks of their men. Loyen, another highly respected Apache Native Woman Warrior fought long and courageously with the resistance forces led by Geronimo. The elder grandmothers from Nisqually, sadly relate to their children how conditions were for them as young maidens. when they heard the approaching hoofbeats coming to their longhouses from Olympia, all women form age 3 to 90 ran to the river where they stuffed sand between their legs. For the favorite sport of the drunken white settlers was the rape and sadistic torture of Native women and children. And often times the Native men would be shackled together and forced to watch.

The powerful forces arrayed against the Native Nations finally succeeded and death was the only relief.

Today the oppressed people of the world which included the indigenous peoples of the Americas are rising as one nation to throw off the yolk of oppressive tyranny!

The strong-life-instinct which inspired our grandmothers of old to resist the death blows of the U.S. Colonial armies can be seen once again. Native people can feel pride in the courageous actions of modern day Native Women warriors such as Ellen Moves Camp, Suzette Bridges Mills, Ramona Binky, Gladys Bissonette, Mary Crow Dog, Ramona Bennett, to name but a few of the more notable ones. They are true leaders in the rebirth resistance move- ment of the Native Nations.

Equally notable are the many unsung heroines who struggle on, the Clan Mothers of the Iroquois Nations and the Hopi and Sioux Spiritual Women leaders who have opened up their homes and hearts to depressed Native sisters. they have traveled long distances to visit their Native sisters to uplift and share their wisdom with the, gently guiding with kind words and treat- ment and inspiring the will to live again. The grandmothers who protect and guide the young, who instruct and mold the characters of our future genera- tions. The grandmothers who have steadfastly clung to the values and way of life of our ancestors, so that we might forget what FREEDOM really is, so that we will not mistake freedom the THRALLDOM as so many have been indoctrinated to believe today.

And let us not forget the Mothers who strive to keep the family unit toget- her in defiance of all who would destroy the unity of the native nations, the unity which has its roots in the family. The Native mothers who are today demanding that the education of their children be meaningful to Native values and lifestyles. And the many beautiful spiritual sisters who walk in dignified silence. They struggle to WIN THE PEACE. They walk the path of life in beauty and all their actions are motivated by their love for their people, their land, and all life. There is no room in their hearts for hatred. They seek to secure a future life for those who are still coming towards us from the future.

In our spiritual rebirth movement there is no rivalry between the sisters or sexes as exists in so many political movements. A true Native Warrior respects the Women leaders and women warriors and he is respected and loved by them. Women warriors keep our movement strong. I too am a Woman Warrior and I shall never give up the struggle against tyranny and death.