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At Sapa Dawn Center we empower Indigenous families, especially youth, by promoting education, health and social justice. We strive to acquire, develop and conserve resources to achieve social self-sufficiency for families. Additionally, our goal is to raise awareness of traditional values and culture with regard to families, youth and the environment.
where the mountains meet the sea where the mountains meet the sea where the mountains meet the sea
WHO'S SOVEREIGN? Sovereignty is a word we hear often in today's Indian society, but what does sovereignty mean?

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Janet McCloud was born March 30, 1934 on the Tulalip reservation in Washington state. She is descended from the Chief Seattle family. The Tulalip comes from fishing people and their legends are linked to salmon. Salmon to the Tulalip are like corn to the Iroquois, or buffalo to the Sioux. She became a political activist for threatened Native Fishing Rights. At a meeting on their fishing rights struggle she met traditional elders for the first time. She heard the Hopi sing the Song of Creation and something deep within her opened up. From that time forth she attended the Elder Gatherings, where she began to learn about Indigenous traditions. It was from this knowledge that the Sapa Dawn Center was born.

Janet McCloud
Janet McCloud has written, traveled, and spoken on Indigenous Rights, issues of Indigenous women, and Indigenous Religious Freedom. In 1995, she attended the Forum '95' Nairobi's unofficial conference.
"The Center of Everything" - July 4, 1999, article from Seattle Times
3rd Gathering of Indigenous Spiritual Elders of AmericaSept. 30 - Oct. 10, 1999 in NM

where the mountains meet the sea
where the mountains meet the sea

where the mountains meet the sea

To get in touch with Sapa Dawn or Janet McCloud you may email: Janet McCloud at sapadawn or fax: 360-459-3888 or write: P.O. Box 1642, Yelm, WA 98597

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