The Natural Way of Life
by Janet McCloud

The Natural Way of Life

A reflection on the true American way of life, or could we say the Indian way of life, but I prefer the natural way of life.

The true American way of life did not originate in 1492 or 1776, although that is the popular misconception that is taught today, nor did it originate with the native American (today called Indians). Perhaps its origin came from the Creator of all Creation who programmed the patterns of life for all created things. The pattern of life for two-legged beings (today called humans) was not as rigidly set as it was for four-legged beings - at least for those who occupy the planet known to us as Mother Earth. The two-legged beings were free to follow the natural spiritual way of life or they could set up a man-made path of life. If one followed the natural spiritual way one was promised eternal life. The man-made path leads only to death and destruction.

Today, on the land now called America, the natural and spiritual (or true-American way of life) is almost totally obscured by the man-made way of non-life. It is an easy thing to separate the natural way from the man-made way. The natural laws that govern the natural way are living laws that are self-operating. The man-made laws (or legal laws) are inert things whose power to govern beings (and only human beings) come from policemen, armies and indoctrination. (The Mother Earth is not subject to the legal world even though she can be abused by human beings - other beings that also live on Mother Earth are not subject to the legal system and its laws although they can be destroyed or held in captivity.) Nevertheless human beings in a natural state have the freedom to choose which path of life they want to follow. And humans do not have that freedom under the legal world system of the United States for they are forcing their control over all human beings who live on this land whether they want it or not. And they brainwash the children with their compulsory education which is indoctrinal in content and rigidly ethnocentric in nature. The rigid narrow world-view of the legal world doctrine is the only allowable curriculum in the legal world educational institutes. Any different world view, whether political or religious in nature, is seen as threatening and therefore subversive or iconoclastic. So we see that the so-called true American way of life is not taught, because it is not know, in today's classrooms.

* - It is better for the human being to be in a peaceful harmonious relationship with the natural world and the natural laws than to transgress. For the transgressor will find no immunity under these laws and must pay the fullest penalty. (Even through there is a way or opening for the one who is worthy to transcend these natural laws hence stone canoes can float with ease upon the waters. The worthy one is in a direct relationship with the spiritual world and spiritual laws which are above the natural world and its laws.)

To be in a state of war with the natural world and in violation of its natural laws, as is the case today, is to be in a state of war with oneself - seeing as how humans are a part of the natural world and therefore subject to its laws. And the peace they seek will ever elude these violators - even in death they will not find the peace they purportedly seek.

Before 1492 and 1776 the original inhabitants of this land, now called North America, knew and followed the natural world and obeyed the natural laws and the majority of them followed the natural path of life. The elders taught the children their ancient knowledge through stories told around a fire at night. When the child naturally reached the age of adulthood, he was sent off into the wilderness alone to find his place in the natural and spiritual worlds. Most tribes had a special place in the wilderness which was unspoiled by humans, a spiritual retreat. Solitude, prayer, fasting, sweat-baths and rituals were a few of the more well known methods used. Oral instructions could only relate that there was a way for each to discover their rightful place in the natural world, but each must discover that way and that place for themselves. Therefore at that time in this land whole tribes were illuminated and there were many willing followers of the Creator's life-plan for humans. The Great Spirit was then a strongly felt influence upon this land. Today will all the teeming multitudes who dwell upon this land there area but a few who will know and live the true American way of life.

* - In those days of old, Mother Earth was a known living force to her children and she communicated her wisdom to them. They loved her and she loved them. And then on a dark day in 1492 a cloud came over this land and Mother Earth became sick. A materialistic germ was brought to her eastern shores by a person call Columbus,. Today her once beautiful and healthy body is covered with huge festering sores which are called cities, in which dwell teeming multitudes of vermin call citizens. Consider their life style which they believe to be a high civilization. They pour their filth into the bloodstream of Mother Earth and thereby poison this purifying vital fluid that they call water. Today they are digging holes in her heart, tearing out her mineral substance, at the place called Four Corners Area. They continue this destructive pursuit in spite of the pleas and warning of the Hopis who know the dire consequences of these destructive acts. (If these pseudo-scientists cause Mother Earth to have a heart attack, can they transplant another heart?) The poisonous gases and smoke from their evil creations (for they are designed to destroy life) reach up to Father Sky who weeps because of the suffering of his wife - and many destructive floods take place. Perhaps those who call themselves citizens are, in reality to the natural world, white cells of the Mother Earth - if so, then they might be cancerous cells. And that would mean that they are not the cause of the trouble but merely symptoms. Perhaps our beloved Mother Earth has cancer and the white cells, willing or not, are her destroyers. Well, if our Mother Earth dies we shall all die with her, unless help comes from above. And they all better hurry for the disease is now in the process of spreading to Grandmother Moon.

Even many, in some cases all, of the brown, black, yellow and red cells are now following the non-life plan of the white cells that have deviated from the correct life's plan. Many of the red children who used to know and love their Mother Earth are today living in these cities and they do not know who their mother is any more. Their condition is not their fault and therefore they are blameless. Our ancestors were forced into captivity by white society into small parcels of land called reservations. Their children were forcefully taken from them and shipped thousands of miles away from their parents to missionary manual labour boarding schools. They were mistreated physically and mentally and spiritually; many thousands sickened and dies. Those who were lucky enough to come home again were mentally and spiritually sickened. They were taught only what white society wanted them to know and no more. Therefore the red children are today lost and confused.

Today many young white people from this land and Europe are becoming increasingly aware that there is something wrong with the way they are living. For some, a new political theory is enough, for only they wish to overthrow the system and replace it with another, but this time with them at the top.

* - A few others not interested in political power seek the natural life style. Idealistically, many of these seekers travel long distances to Indian reservations seeking this knowledge. many very romantically dream of freeing their red brothers and sisters yet they are not able to free themselves. Some expect to find the Indians still living in teepees and enjoying the quiet peaceful life that their ancestors once lived. Still, they are well-intentioned and if they had been the ones to come to our shores first, a different story might be told today.

But the fact is that the hungry, greedy ones who came here first have almost totally destroyed the true American way if life. They enriched and empowered themselves by destroying and opposition. They told our ancestors that they were seeking freedom of religious expression. And our ancestors welcomed them, fed and sheltered them as a brother, taught them how to hunt and fish, gave them new foods, taught them how to plant grow these new crops, helped them in any way they could. Soon they became strong and when they did they began to demonstrate to our ancestors their expression of religious freedom. Whole peaceful tribes were massacred out of existence. The materialistic spiritual germ grew strong from the blood of the slaughtered innocents and spread its dark cloud over the whole land. They told our ancestors, whom they called heathens, that their religious leader, called Christ, had dies for their sins and therefore they could kill and steal with immunity and sanction - Christ had paid for all their debts, no matter how big a bill they ran up.

And so it has continued to this day. The materialistic spiritual germ spreads and grows. The red children are silenced by the oppressive force that is still used against them and dare not try to openly follow the true American (or natural) way of life. The brainwashed red children are used as an instrument to destroy their own people who still adhere to a natural way of life. They place these brain-washed ones in positions of power in the legal world system. They are instructed as to what the Indian way is and because they are unsure and confused they let themselves be used.

But the true American way of life has not been destroyed even though it is obscured, for it is the life's plan for humans that was laid down by the Creator and no-one can totally destroy what is natural and spiritual - they can only destroy themselves.

Amidst the cacophonous clamour of the white man's endless theories a real message is being transmitted to those who have ears to hear. This message is coming from the Hopis and other natural native nations, who still walk the path of life that was laid down by the Creator. They carefully treasured and guarded this ancient knowledge and instructions. They are generously sharing a part of this knowledge with tribes and red people who have lost their knowledge. Their message has inspired the re-birth movement of the red people. The first reactions of the ones who begin to wake up are those of sorrow and anger - they see how their people are suffering and they know who their tormentors are - they think with sorrow of how much their ancestors must have suffered - it is only natural that they felt hateful and revengeful. They gather with others who are waking up and their actions are often times violent - which is again only natural - their anger and wrath are justifiable. Some are led astray and follow a different political idea. Others begin to realize that they have been brain-washed and that the materialistic spiritual germ is within them. They rekindle the fires of purification and begin to cleanse their entire system of its corruption. They respond to the soft voices which urge them to get back to the path of life that was laid down by the Creator before they too are trapped in the maelstrom of destruction that is fast coming upon us.

* - The Hopis say that to deviate from the Creator's life plan for human will lead one only to a dead end and all that awaits those unfortunate ones is insanity, degeneration, death and eventual destruction. When anyone knowingly or contemptuously violates these natural and spiritual laws they only destroy themselves. For no human beings from any race or religion or natural origin has been granted immunity to violate these laws no matter how highly they have exalted themselves. (Although a few are sent from above from time to time to teach us.) So many people walk in darkness today because they have been psychologically alienated from the natural and spiritual worlds by the evil methods employed by the legal world system - in order to enslave them.

Perhaps it is already too late to stem the tide of destruction that threatens to overwhelm all life that dwells upon Mother Earth. The signs of degeneration are many.

All should keep in mind that Mother Earth is a living sacred being.
We are students and life can be the great teacher if we are willing to learn.

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