The Last Indian War & articles
cover of The Last Indian War
The Last Indian War

by Yet Si Blue (Janet McCloud)

Washington state, mid 1960s, treaty rights and fishing rights, - the forces of the state vs. the traditional life of Native Americans.

section 1 Treaties: History of Theft / Clashes and protests / Observers Cite Wardens, Brutality
section 2 White Society Depletes Salmon, Blames Indians / Fish-ins, Rallies and Growing Support / Dick Gregory Joins Indian Fight / Formation of The Survival of American Indian Assc. / Yakima Fight for Rights
section 3 Illegal Trials Play on Anti-Indian Sentiments / Muckleshoot Indians Fight in Court / State Harasses Fish Buyers / Operation Re-education Program: “The Truth Shall Set You Free”

Nov. 1976, Dance Back the Salmon

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