3rd Gathering
of America
Life, renewal

"Those from the Center make us unite the Eagle from the North and the Condor of the South. We will meet with our relatives, because, we are One, as the fingers of our hand..." - Hopi Prophecy

Warm greetings and great respect!

    Humanity is facing the most important crossroad of our history as a species. It is now time to protect the environmental harmony of our world. We, the indigenous peoples are the sovereign and free children of Mother Earth, believe that this is the moment to intervene with concrete actions to save natural environment in which we live, for our own survival and for the well-being of all of the people who are part of the great human family. We have survived the hardships of the ending age, a dark period of history for the ancestral people of this Turtle Island. We are the carriers of the original ways of this area of the world and protectors of all life on this land. Today we are reaching out to ALL the Indigenous peoples of the Americas, responding to the vision of the sacred prophecies of our people.

" We are the original people of this hemisphere. For all time our home is from coast to coast ; from pole to pole. We are the evidence of the Western Hemisphere, the carriers of the original ways of this area of the world, and protectors of all on this Turtle Island." -The Longest Walk

    It is urgent that we take on the inescapable responsibility of forming a broad coalition of indigenous nations and other solidarity organizations that will work together for the protection of our Mother Earth, to live in harmony with our relatives, the four-legged, the winged beings, the being that swim and the beings that crawl. By virtue of this inescapable responsibility, the Council of Mayan Elders and Priests of Guatemala, based on mandates and sacred prophecies, called a Re-Union in Guatemala on November 14 - 24, 1995. From this gathering a second and a third gathering was called to be held in 1996 in Colombia and 1999 in North America.

"The ancient prophecies are being fulfilled. The time of warnings, passive resistance, and conformity is already past. All of us are now confronted with an enormous challenge: SURVIVAL." - Council of Mayan Elders of Guatemala

    The Re-Union in South America was held on June 25- 29, 1997 in the Andoke Aduche Community in the Colombian Amazon. Over 400 native elders convened in a sacred temple called the Maloca along the great Amazon River. The third re-Union will address the main issues affecting all the Indigenous Peoples of the Americas. This gathering will take place on September 30 - October 10, 1999 in a secluded area in New Mexico.

"We must unite the religions of the world as the spiritual force strong enough to prevail in peace. We are the spiritual energy that is thousands of times stronger than nuclear energy. Our energy is the combined will of ALL people with the spirit of the Natural World, to be of one body, one heart, and one mind for PEACE." -Chief Leon Shenandoah Haudenosaunee Six Nations Iroquois Confederacy

The organizer of this gathering is the Confederation of Indigenous Elders of America, a non-profit organization with 501(c)3 status. We are women and men who are committed to fulfilling the vision of our native spiritual leaders. We are calling upon ALL people, ALL races, to unite and combine our resources to bring about the 3rd gathering of Indigenous Elders of America.