Sapa Dawn Religious Freedom Act
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October 7, 1992

More on the "Indian Religious Freedom Act"

When the Calvinist and Lutheran colonists arrived on Turtle Island- they claimed they were seeking freedom of religion, the right to worship their god according to their beliefs, which differed from the majority in Europe.

The Eastern Indigenous people welcomed them and helped them to survive on this land. Soon as more and more immigrants arrived, instead of clearing their own farm land they begin to aggressively move onto the Indigenous peoples cleared garden lands - they took their dried foods out of the store houses without asking - stole the cured hams, fish and meat off the trees - killed anyone who protested.

Complaints were made by the Chiefs to the church leaders. The church fathers convened to discuss the conflict, and soon a decision was made. They declared that "Indian people were not human beings, neither were they animals, they were creatures spawned by the devil, who had no rights to own the land, they had only a use and occupancy, the land was for the exclusive ownership of Christian nations. In fact God despised the savages and wanted them totally exterminated from the face of the earth.
The rest is history!

All churches should check their history, uproot their bigotry and hypocrisy -

This contemptible decision became the unwritten "Menagerie Theory" of law that still permeates every court in the U.S. Indians are defacto human beings with no rights to protect them from any injustices. Look at Central and South American where Indians are massacred. Land is still taken. We are still denied religious freedom according to our original instruction. The only rights we can be assured of is the "last rites.

All indigenous peoples of the entire Western Hemisphere are still victims of Euro-American greed, racism, over and covert violence.

Far too many native people are dispossessed homeless, landless beggars in their own homeland, yet they are the true owners of this land-.

Churches today offer empty meaningless gestures - apologies cannot undo atrocities which have never ended. The truth is written in early church records for those who care and dare to search for them.

America's dream is a living nightmare for Indigenous people. And now, what goes around comes around. America is slipping and sliding on a path to destruction.

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