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1997 Events

=+= January:
    2nd-8th - Compile information for 1996 annual report.
    11th-13th - Storm hits local area. SDC volunteers to cut wood for local elders & families.
    12th - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    18th - Safe Futures pow-wow, SDC has concession stand. Fundraiser event.
    20th-21th - SDC volunteers to cut wood for sweatlodge & local homes.
    25th - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    29th - Daydishka McCloud , a tutor for Yelm public scbools, organizes a cultural event at the school district honoring Chief Leschi's Birthday.
    30th - Jimbo Simmons travels to Albuquerque, New Mexico for the Indigenous Environmental Network Board meeting.
    30th - A new member born into the Sapa Dawn family, Shianna Janet McCloud , proud parents are Si-Ab & Missy . The family resides in Lapwai, Idaha.
=+= February:
    2nd - Community sweats followed by potluck
    6th - Barbara McCloud desiqns a 6 week series for young women's support group at Chief Leschi School. First week's topic: "Identity": who we are as a Native woman in the urban & reservation community.
    9th - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    13th - Barbara McCloud, Jimbo Simmons, Joyce McCloud & Don McCloud work with the Yelm School District doing a 6 week cultural educational workshop teaching: basketry, carving and salmon with storytelling & legends.

    Joyce teaching arts and crafts
    Joyce teaching arts and crafts

    13th - 2nd week of young women's group. "Healing": understanding women's health, emotional ups and downs, using and understanding traditional healing medicines.
    16th - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    17th - Barbara McCloud is asked to participate in the interventions taking place at United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland.
    18th - Meet with Puyallup Tribal Council seeking sponsorship to Geneva.
    19th - Friends of SDC, Andrea Rabinowitz & Penny Cabot , tour Sapa Dawn. Jimbo Simmons & Barbara McCloud take them to Chief Leschi School for a tour.
    20th - 3rd week of young women's group. "Self-Empowerment": finding traditional ways in coping
    23rd - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    >24th - Local public school, Southworth opening day of 6 week cultural education.
    27th - 4th week of young women's support group "Leadership": understanding good/bad decisions through peer-pressure, developing leadership skills through positive decision making. Janet McCloud is keynote speaker.
    28th - Janet McCloud is invited to speak to students at Southworth elementary on the "clans" with the Salish people. She told the legend of Bear and Ant. The children laughed and loved the story.
    29th - Finalize 1996 annual report & budget to mail out to supporters.

-+- March:
    2nd - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    6th - 5th week of young women's group "Survival Skills": cooking, arts, crafts, aromatherapy & the art of using oils for mental clarity. Nancy Shippentower is special quest.
    6th - John Trudell at Evergreen State College. SDC youth sell fry bread, literature and visit with John.
    7th - Carre Dann of the Western Shoshone Defense Project visits SDC. Talks with youth about the Western Shoshone people.
    9th - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    13th - 6th week of young women's support group. Barbara McCloud treats them to a luncheon in downtown Seattle.
    15th - Local fundraiser event at pow-wow. Barbara & Jimbo Simmons take 11 little guys to work. They raise $800.00 for garden & Springfest.
    13th - Remembering Mike...

Sapa Dawn is always working with youth, organizing events & runs. In 1996 we did the 1500 mile run around the State of Washington. We were fortunate to have an enthusiastic & committed runner participate. He was a young man, very humble in his ways & very quiet. The kids loved this guy. He came to be part of the 'runners family' getting to know everyone & everyone getting to know him. He sang with the runners, laughed & of course ran! His name was Mike Mitchell . He had a very spiritual heart, eager to learn about traditions & spirituality. He took care of the smaller runner. After the 1500 mile run we knew he needed to have that constant healing in which Dennis Banks had a lot to offer him. We drove him to San Francisco to help out on the Bring Peltier Home campaign with Banks.

After touring with Dennis Banks , he came home. During his visit at home he was murdered by a local Tacoma Police Officer. He died in his mother's sight at their home in Tacoma. This had a very emotional affect on the SDC youth. They attended the funeral, each one wearing their bright yellow t-shirts received during the 1500 mile run. All of which Mike signed with a strong message. The kids honored Mike and sang the American Indian Movement National Anthem. After the funeral and all, the kids still were antsy! They wanted to do something. Thus came about the "Mike Mitchell Memorial PEACE/Run - - Stop the Violence, NOW!" set for Saturday, June 7th. The beginning point was to gather at the Puyallup Tribe, there the kids had banners and signs, each one reflecting their own message. They marched to the Tacoma Police Department, where the officer that killed Mike had worked. Their messages were spoken, youth, parents, grandmas & grandpas. All remembering Mike. After the rally the kids began their 37 mile run to Sapa Dawn Center. Many kids ran & ran & ran. Each clocking 15 miles straight. We had to get one runner to stop & rest after doing 22 miles. When the run ended in Yelm, the question arose.. How could they run so far? The answer was simple... "Mike was with us" As they sang "In the spirit of Mike Mitchell we are still strong!"

1997 Marching through Tacoma
1997 Marching through Tacoma
    19th - Jimbo Simmons travels to Geneva. Switzerland for the hearings held at United Nations.
    21st - Fundraiser at local tribe, selling fry bread.
    23rd - Elder, Thomas Banyacya visits SDC. Special event is hosted at school, "prophecies"
    Craig Carpenter also visits.
    26th - NAIL Board member & Elder, Rose Auger visits SDC.
    30th - - Annual Springfest with a 2 mile fun run, games, races, piñatas and a feast. Robby Red Thunder Romero visits and partakes in events. Also a Birthday celebration in honor of Janet McCloud . An evening of entertainment by Robby with singing.
-+- April:
    2nd-5th - - Barbara & Tara McCloud prepare documentation on the intervention of the "rites of the child". Met with elders, Washington state workers regarding the Indian Child Welfare Act and also the newly acclaimed Multi Ethnic Placement Act. We were also able to put together a video documenting SDC events & history.
    8th-24th - Barbara McCloud & Tara McCloud to Switzerland. (see travel report)
Planting the garden
-+- May:
    10th - Planting the 2 acre garden at SPC.
    11th - With the guidance of Juan Meateth had a pipe renewal ceremony followed by a birthday dinner for Wauhilla Simmons .
    12th - Transport a vanload of youth to the Tower Rock Campground for the Huckleberry encampment scheduled for August.
    14th - Finishing the planting all veggies, flowers, etc.
    17th - Fundraiser event for the Elder & Youth Gathering in Fresno, CA.
    18th - Depart for Elder & Youth Gathering in Fresno.
    22nd - June lst - Indigenous Women's Network
    Janet McCloud, Sally Taylor & Julie VanEvery attend Indigenous Women's Network gathering in Austin, Texas. Conference was held at Alma De Mujer, a beautiful retreat center on several acres of land which was donated to IWN by Geneive Vaughn, the conference theme: "Health Solutions for Sustainable Communities" . Speakers included Cecile Rodriguis of Zapatista Movement of Chiapas, Mexico. She gave an update on the survival struggle of Indigenous Chiapas people. Dana Enriqueta , Zapotec medicine woman on healing ourselves. There were many information workshops on a variety of subjects pertaining to health solutions. I delivered the opening speech which is on the Internet. Marsha Gomes has done a commendable job on the grounds of Alma de Mujer as with Winona LaDuke, Nylak Butler , who are co-founders of IWN.
+|+ June:
    1st - Community sweats followed by potluck.

    Janet invited to Hawaii
    Julie, Janet, Kamaka, Nancy
    Julie, Janet, Kamaka, Nancy
    3rd-18th - J anet McCloud was invited as a guest by photographer wbose photos were featured in the "Book of Elders". Dan took two Hopis Martin & Emery . They went to compare pictoglyphs of the Hawaiians with Hopi.
    Our guide was Ski Kwiatkowski , his wife, Darlene and dear friend Kamaka . Ski is the author of "Na Ki i Phhaki", a petroglyph primer and co author of a "The Hawaiian Tatoo". Ski has his body tatooed in traditional Sashion. It was a learning experience for me. On June 9th, Julie Van Every joins to accompany me for one more week of seeing the sites on the Big Island. We then left for Oahu to visit Hawaiian friends.
    7th - Mike Mitchell Memorial P.E.A.C.E. Run "Stop the Violence NOW!" With the support of Jodi Brooks of the Puyallup Family Community Services, this run was in honor of local local youth. (See March 18th) With local Elder Harold Belmont to say a few words of inspiration for parents and songs of strength, the community joined together for a march to Tacoma Police Department followed by 37 mile run to Sapa Dawn.
    14th - Youth meet at SDC to work in garden and clean up.
    15th - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    19th - Barbara McCloud is invited to do a workshop on "Native Parenting in a Traditional Way" and takes young girls to attend the International lntergenerational Womens/Girls gathering in McCleary.
    22nd - Community sweats followed by potluck.
    27th - Thomas Banyacya & Janet McCloud are asked to attend the youth gathering held in Sauk Siauttle. Barbara joins her then with 11 youth from SDC.
    30th - Mac & Joyce McCloud & their family does an Elder mentoring youth gathering in Nisqually. They bring in Elders to talk about traditions, tending to salmon, sports, weaving baskets, beadwork, starting fire the old way.
+|+ July:
    1st - As part of the youth incentive in sports, Jimbo Simmons purchases 15 seats for 4 games to the local major league games with the Seattle Mariners. This promotes youth to stay in sports and play baseball during the summer months.
    2nd - Barbara McCloud takes youth to the movies. This is a reward drive for those who work in the garden and for keeping the SDC clean.
    3rd - Swimming & picnic day at the river.
    4th - Swimming & potluck with a fireworks display at Barbara $ Jimbo's
    6th - Community sweat & potluck at SDC.
    7th-15th - Preparations for the 3 conference trips. (See travel report)
    Conference #1 - Big Bear Pow-Wow in Big Bear, California. Wauhilla & Bahno Simmons are head dancers. Set up Fry Bread concession.
    Conference #2 - Sundance in Pine Ridge, South Dakota.
    Conference #3 Indigenous Environmental Network in Fort Belknap, Montana.
+|+ August:
During the 30 day road trip, Janet, Chris & Jeff McCloud are doing their best in keeping the garden from overgrowing with weeds. Chris was canning, freezing and putting vegetables away as fast as they were growing. Janet was doing her best as she physically could to do the weeding. The garden was very productive.
    11th - Arrival from the 3O day trip. Begin preparing for Huckleberry encampment in mountains.
    17th - Community sweats followed by potluck at SDC.
    18th-21st - Take youth to pick huckleberries in mountains.
    27th - Janet McCloud suffers a mild stroke. This was a very stressful & emotional time for Sapa Dawn. Cynthia Perez flys in from Texas to assist with the family members. Many took time off work to be with Janet. A healther way of eating habits had to be developed. With the help of Linda Giddings & Avyreal Jacobson , who came to SDC to teach cooking skills and donated a group of cookware. Cynthia rented machinery to clear up SDC and get it ready for the winter months.
:||: September:
    1st - Community sweats followed by potluck at SDC.
    8th - Community dinner.
    15th - Jimbo Simmons takes 15 youth to the Seattle Mariners game.
    17th - Leonard Pettier march/rally in Olympia. A van load goes from SDC.
    22nd - Harvest Fest & Birthday celebration for Dagdishka McCloud . Much of the food cooked is from the qardern. Salmon, venison & huckleberries.
    24th - Jimbo Simmons takes 11 youth to the Mariners game.
    28th - Community sweats followed by a birthday celebration for Mac McCloud, Binah McCloud and Wauleah Simmon . :||: October:
      5th - Community sweats followed by potluck.
      l0th-12th - Leonard Pettier Caravan rally from Olympia-Tacoma-Bellingham- Peace Arch. SDC group participates. While in Beellingham we were able to visit SDC support/musicians, Tim & Chris McHugh .
      2nd - Barbara McCloud organizes an 8 week series on Positive Parenting in A Native Way in Tacoma. "Honoring our Children by Honoring our Traditions." Arlene Red Elk is the facilitator.
      9th - Week 2 of Native Parenting. "Lessons of the Storyteller" Arlene Red Elk facilitates. This week explores the tradition of storytelling and focuses on relationship building. Parents learn storytelling & modern listening.
      12th - Community sweats followed by potluck at SDC.
      16th - Week 3 of Native Parenting. "Lessons of the Cradleboard" Traditional methods of nurturing. Examining the use of cradleboards, wrapping, massage and singing as nurturing ways. Parents learn what the old ways teach us about bonding and development. Arlene Red Elk facilitates.
      17th-19th - Department of Defense & Policy conference in Olympia. Barbara McCloud, Nancy Shippentower & Jimbo Simmons attend.
      19th - Community sweats & potluck at SDC. Sara James, Tom Goldtooth & Jackie Warledo and Jim Main & family visit.
      23rd - Week 4 of Native Parenting. "Harmony in Child Rearing" Joyce McCloud facilitates exploring the traditional concept of harmony in family life. Parenting ways that prevent problems, avoid discipline, encourage growth and self control.
      26th - Community sweats followed by potluck at SDC.
      3Oth - Week 5 of Native parenting. Rose Auger & Smoky Provost from Saskatchewan facilitate "Traditional Behavior Management" examining old teachings about discipline.
      30th-31st - Jimbo Simmons travels to Washington D.C. as a Board member of Commission for Environmental Co-operation.
    :||: November:
      lst-2nd - Annual NAIL Board meet. All Board members were present: Dennis Banks, Janet MacCloud, Rose Auger, Mary Pearson & Binah McCloud . Special Guest Wilmer Mesteth, Quiltman , a special ceremony is done by Wilmer. Sweats were taken during this time. With Janet unable to go into the lodge, Wilmer had brought the sweat to her and did an uplifting healing ceremony for her with songs done by Wilmer, Juan & Quiltman .
      5th-6th - Charlie Hill & Floyd Westerman visit with SPC members at Chief Leschi School.
      6th - Week 6 of Native Parenting. Janet McCloud & Wilmer Mesteth facilitate. "Lessons of Mother Nature" How Indian families traditionally taught living & social skills. How nature taught people to get along, cope with hardships and find strength.
      9th - Community sweats followed by potluck at SDC.
      13th - Week 7 of Native Parenting. Barbara McCloud facilitates. "Praise in Traditional Parenting" Participants were asked to work on a medicine wheel of family, finished up with talking cirle.
      14th-16th - Jimbo Simmons travels to Wisconsin to attend the Decade for World Indigenous Peoples Conference.
      16th - Jimbo Simmons & Mac McCloud travel to San Francisco, CA to attend rally, Clemency for Peltier with Dennis Banks .
      20th - Week 8 of Native Parenting, Joyce & Mac McCloud facilitate "Choices in Parenting" exploring the things that Indian parents & children face today.
      19th-22nd - Barbara McCloud, Jimbo Simmons, Dinah McCloud & Bonnie Deer e travel to Gila River, Arizona to observe "Healing the Future" which will take place in Washington in May 1998.
    =+= December:
      1st - Nisqually Gym, community birthday dinner for Joshua & Reuban . Mac & Joyce McCloud adopted 2 year old Reuban and held a dinner in his honor along with his twin brother Josh .
      3rd - Drum practice & singing at SDC.
      5th - Birthday celebration dinner for David Shippentower .
      6th Prepare grounds for Wintenmoon.
      7th - Community sweats & potluck at SDC.
      13th - Clean up grounds for Wintenmoon.
      14th - Decorate outside grounds for the Wintermoon.
      20th - 16th Annual Wintermoon Celebrations begin. With lighting of bonfire, hot dog roast, hot apple cider, coffee, stew, with storytelling & visiting followed by sweats.
      21st - Second day of Wintenmoon celebrations with sunrise ceremony. We had 3 pregnant women: Dinah McCloud, Janet Shippentower and Delores VanEvery . They were the Wintermoon mothers who blessed the cedar wreaths and smoked salmon. A feast with the kids' giveaway.
    Wintermoon Mothers
    Wintermoon Mothers Janet, Delores & Binah
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